A$AP Rocky On Wearing Women's Clothing: "It's Punk"

A$AP Rocky is a man who has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Long before he dubbed himself a “Fashion Killa” on his 2013 song, the New York-born rap star carried himself with a certain swagger that’s only become more obvious with age. Recently, the father of one sat down with his friend, comedian Jerrod Carmichael, for a conversation with Interview Magazine about everything from masculinity to fatherhood and fear.

Seeing as Rocky’s so involved in the fashion world, it was only natural for the topic to come up. “My girl could wear all of my clothes and get away with it,” he said of the double standard that exists when men wear dresses, skirts, and other “feminine” pieces.

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

“When I shop, I go to the women’s section to find good pieces,” the 33-year-old revealed. “because I know that no other guys will have them. The Gucci North Face coats, the bubble jackets, those were all for females. That’s why you never saw no other guys walking around in them.”

Also addressing his love for kilts (which he even wore on his most recent GQ cover), Rocky shared, ” I feel more badass when I’m in a kilt. I feel more…

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