Rick Ross Reacts To Crypto Market Crash

Rick Ross is a music industry giant who doesn’t shy away from enjoying the fruits of his labor. His wealth has afforded him many luxuries, such as his massive car collection and the largest residential pool in the United States. During our recent digital cover story with the biggest boss, Rozay detailed some of the financial advice that he lives by, including words of wisdom from his mother: “If you can’t touch it, don’t do it.” It’s clear his mother’s words stuck with him as Ross has been consistently upfront about his cryptocurrency hesitancy. 

Last month, after Ross questioned those who were investing in the metaverse, the NFT market proceeded to fall by 92%. Ross first made a post that said, “The metaverse, crypto y’all get so much money where you at? Where you at? Show us and I don’t mean I’m trying to show money, I got a lot of money I don’t even need that fake money but show my homies what the metaverse about.” 


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