Machine Gun Kelly Introduces His Mom To The World After She Abandoned Him At Age 9

Before he was the rockstar/rapper Machine Gun Kelly that the world knows him as today, there was 9-year-old Colson Baker, who was tragically abandoned by his mother in his early adolescence, as the recording artist revealed on his “Burning Memories” collaboration with Lil Skies from 2019’s Hotel Diablo.

“Yeah, this one’s for the mama that I never knew / I took acid just to burn all of my memories of you,” the Houston native sings, pouring his heart out. “I guess now I really wanna know the truth / How’d you leave your only child at 9 for another dude?” As PEOPLE notes, other standout lyrics include “All the years that you ignored me, left me sleepless in the bed / I hope that he got some kids because your only son is dead.”