Kanye West Files Trademark For Yeezus Amusement Parks

Kanye West is a man with plenty of ideas in his head. The multi-hyphenate has dominated the music industry, the fashion industry, and pop culture at large throughout his career. However, he’s always expressed a desire to take his ideas and apply them to other products. One of them seems to be a potential theme park under the name of his sixth studio album.

Victor Boyko/Getty Images

Attorney Josh Gerben discovered a heap of new trademark filings made by Kanye West under his imprint, Mascotte Holdings. Gerben found 17 trademark filings under the imprint, including trademarks for Yeezus Amusement Parks. It’s unclear if there are plans in place to launch the theme park but it’s just one of the many items that he filed to trademark. Additionally, Ye also intends to use the trademark for NFTs, toys, campaign buttons, clothing, cosmetics, and household items. Interestingly enough, Ye made it clear that he had no interest in jumping on the NFT bandwagon earlier this year.