Latto Is "Still Learning" How To Deal With Industry Double Standard, Loves Nicki Minaj

A new generation of Yo! MTV Rapsis upon us and it’s picking up where its predecessor left off. This MTV Entertainment Studios series is highly anticipated among Rap fans who have been aching to see the genre return to the small screen in a new way. Decades ago, music networks were overflooded with programs that centered on sharing music videos, exclusive televised interviews, and in-studio interactions that made for unforgettable pop culture moments. 

The internet and social media all but made those shows obsolete, at least for television, but MTV has brought back a favorite to Paramount+. Latto was one of the artists who visited the show and while there, she was asked about the double standard that is often discussed in the industry. Many women, especially rappers, have spoken out about the issue and Latto confirms she’s still struggling with it.

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