Marilyn Manson Lawsuit From Former Assistant Dismissed For 2nd Time: Report

A woman who once worked for Marilyn Manson sued the shock rocker, but this week, a California judge dismissed the case. Ashley Walters claimed that she worked as Manson’s assistant until she was fired in 2011. Walters recently sued Manson, alleging that he “engaged in threatening behavior,” looked at her as if she was “his property,” and would offer her over to “his influential industry friends and associates.” After she was let go, Walters alleged that the singer continued to harass her with accusations that she stole from his home and tried ruining his career.

Back in January, Walters’s lawsuit was initially dismissed but a judge allowed her legal team to refile. However, she found a second dismissal today (May 25) because the judge claimed that the “plaintiff has plead too few facts to keep this case in court.”

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