Lizzo Shares Hilarious Throwback Photo With Robert Pattinson For "The Batman" Actor's Birthday

One thing about Lizzo? She knows how to get people talking. Whether it’s with a catchy new single turned-TikTok anthem or a twerking video, the 34-year-old is an internet girl, through and through. Her most recent antics from earlier today (May 13th), found her taking us back in time with an unbelievable picture she snapped with another famous face.

“Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson,” she captioned a tweet posted earlier this afternoon which boasts a snapshot of her and the Twilight actor, seemingly snapped in a bar at least a decade ago.


Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images 

While there’s not much context given to where the picture came from, fans have been inferring that Lizzo spotted the beloved actor during a night out on the town, and asked him to pose for a photo with her. “This is my multiverse of madness,” one Twitter user wrote.

“This looks like an iCarly episode,” someone else joked. Funnily enough, it was just a few weeks ago when the “About Damn Time” singer celebrated her 34th birthday and at the time, she went viral for reacting to Beyoncé’s baby photo shoutout, pondering where Queen B possibly could’ve gotten the throwback photo. 

In other news, Pattinson was recently confirmed to be returning in his lead role for The Batman sequel, which also sees Matt Reeves step back into the director’s seat – read more about that here, and check out social media’s reaction to Lizzo’s birthday tribute to the English star below.