Michael Blackson Claims Ben Simmons Slid In His Fiancée's DMs

Club Shay Shay once again gave the world a vial moment during Michael Blackson’s visit to Shannon Sharpe’s podcast. The famed comedian covered a variety of topics during his sit down with Sharpe, but it was a moment when Blackson was asked about Ben Simmons that stole the show. Last summer, Blackson seeming tweeted that someone tried shooting their shot with his fiancée Rada, and Sharpe wanted to know if it was true. 

“He didn’t try to holla at one of my chicks, if he tried to holla at one of my sidechicks it wouldn’t matter. He tried to holla at my fiancé,” said Blackson. Sharpe questioned if Simmons was aware that Rada was engaged to Blackson.