Amber Heard Testifies That Johnny Depp Executed Cavity Search On Her

The trial involving Amber Heard and Johnny Depp rolls on and earlier today (May 4), the actress took to the stand to share her side of the story. The reports coming out of the courtroom have been incendiary as accusations have been hurled by both sides. This is the second week of the trial that was catapulted forward after the Pirates of the Caribbean icon sued his ex-wife for $50 million for defamation. In turn, Heard filed a countersuit to the tune of $100 million.

While on the stand, Heard recounted alleged violent and abusive interactions with Depp. She claimed he was physically, verbally, and sexually abusive.

Amber Heard, Johnny Depp
Jason Kempin / Staff / Getty Images

“I struggle to find the words to describe how painful this is,” she reportedly said on the stand. “This is horrible for me to sit here for weeks and relive everything. Hear people that I knew — some well, some not — my ex-husband with whom I shared a life, speak about our lives in the way that they have. This is the most painful and difficult thing I’ve ever gone through, for sure.”

Heard claimed that after making a comment about one of Depp’s tattoos, he said it read…

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