Don Lemon Assault Accuser Drops Lawsuit, Says His "Recollection" Of Events Was Wrong

A lawsuit filed in 2019 has now become a thing of the past for Don Lemon. The CNN anchor faced scathing accusations from a man named Dustin Hice who claimed that Lemon aggressively accosted him at a bar in New York. Hice would accuse Lemon of exhibiting a pattern of “aggression and hostility,” however, both Lemon and CNN came forward denying the allegations.

This lawsuit journey has been interesting for anyone keeping up with its ongoing details. Hice may have been the one who filed, but he has been hit from all sides as the case drew on. According to Deadline, he was slapped with sanctions to the tune of $77K from a federal judge for a series of illegal missteps.

Don Lemon
JP Yim / Stringer / Getty Images

To begin, Hice was accused of tampering with or destroying evidence and attempting to bribe a witness. There were reports that Hice was looking for a $1.5 million win, but CNN stated that they found evidence that Hice had…

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