Mike Tyson Victim Lawyers Up, Lawsuit On The Table

Mike Tyson beat up a man on an airplane Wednesday night as he was trying to leave the city of San Francisco. As the story goes, a man by the name of Melvin Townsend got on the plane in an intoxicated state and began to pester Tyson. While Tyson was nice at first, he claims the man threw a water bottle at him which eventually led to an incident in which he punched the man until he was bleeding. Eventually, Tyson got off the plane and left the situation entirely.

According to TMZ, there is now a major update in the story as the man has now pursued legal representation. According to TMZ, the lawyer is Matt Morgan, who claims that a lawsuit could very well be on the table. For now, his client is still in shock and he wants to truly look over his options before making a final decision.