Shannon Sharpe Compares KD To "Russell Westbrick"

By now, many NBA fans are aware of what happened last night in the game between the Brooklyn Nets and the Boston Celtics. Despite getting off to a promising start, the Nets faltered late in the game, and much of it was because of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who couldn’t get anything going. The Celtics’ defense was on an absolute tear throughout the match and it became clear to everyone watching that KD was crumbling under the pressure, which is very much unlike him.

Analysts have been on KD’s case all day today, and it doesn’t seem like the onslaught is going to end anytime soon. After many heralded KD as the best player in the world, there is a lot of criticism being handed down today, including from Shannon Sharpe, who had a pretty damning comparison to make on Undisputed.