G Herbo Fans Left Irate After Rapper Cancels Concert Via Video Played Inside Venue

Things are getting spicy in Chicago after G Herbo pulled the plug on his concert. It’s common for artists to run into delays when they’re traveling from one city to another, but usually, fans have been advised before the show begins. Herbo always receives hometown love when he’s back in the Windy City, but a room full of concertgoers weren’t happy when he wasn’t only late to his show, but he didn’t show up at all.

G Herbo is going viral this evening (April 15) after people attending the concert shared a clip of the rapper offering an update via a video that was aired inside of the venue.

G Herbo
Noel Vasquez / Stringer / Getty Images

“I was excited to come back home,” he told the crowd. “I’m at the airport for like six hours.” He added that he wasn’t sure why his flight was delayed but it may have had something to do with a weather issue. Those watching the video can hear people in the crowd doubting his story, and frustrated fans took their grievances to social media.

Several posts have already been shared but many more have just begun to pop up online. The last-minute cancelation has caused rumors to float about Herbo’s fiancé Tiana Williams possibly giving birth to their second child, but that hasn’t been substantiated. Check out Herbo’s video as well as a few reactions below.