Maino Says He Was Joking About Runaway Slave Sex Fantasy With White Women

We’re sure this isn’t the day Maino thought he would have when he woke up this morning. The internet has been in an uproar after the Rap icon sat down with Lip Service and gave a few details about what he allegedly likes in the bedroom. It’s common for the podcast to talk about kinks and what people may do behind closed doors, and Maino was questioned regarding whether he considers himself to be a “freak.”

He said he was and then revealed that he doesn’t believe he has any likes that were “out of the ordinary.” However, Maino added, “I did role-play before, but I like to role-play with white women.”

Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Of course, the Kitchen Talk host was pressed for an explanation and said, “It’s so wrong. I’ma tell you right now, I’ve never talked about this.” Maino went on to say he “liked to be a runaway slave,” adding that he enjoyed being “whooped.” He said, “I like to play like a runaway slave, I like to play like a disobedient slave with a white woman.” 

He also stated that most of the white women he’s allegedly dealt with don’t like that version of role play. “You’re gonna act like you’re master’s wife and I just got whooped by master for eyeballing you, but the whole time… You liked it, you been eyeballing me.” Angela Yee wanted to know if he would be okay with being called the n-word…

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