Paula Patton Cooks Fried Chicken & The Internet Immediately Fires Off Memes

Someone who we’re sure didn’t expect to become a trending topic today (April 4) is Paula Patton. The actress has found herself at the center of jokes and memes after sharing a video online, and the jeering doesn’t look as if it will be letting up anytime soon. It’s common for celebrities from all backgrounds to take to their social media pages to share recipes or clips of themselves cooking in their kitchens. Some have even written cookbooks while others launch YouTube channels as they upload their recipes, and Patton joined along and showed how her mother taught her to fry chicken.

It was an internet moment that could have gone without any attention from the public, but unfortunately for Patton, that wasn’t the case. 

Paula Patton
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images

People teased the actress about how she prepared her chicken by rinsing it in water and dipping it in flour before placing it in the hot oil. It was then that she added all the seasoning to her oil and in the video, Patton boasted about her sizzling poultry. The jokes have been rolling in for the better part of the day and after the video went wild over on TikTok, the visibility has only increased. Even her fellow celebrities and a few rappers have chimed in in comment sections.

People have brought up Patton’s ex-husband Robin Thicke as well as her biracial background, but you can check out the video for yourself as it continues to gain tens of thousands of reactions across the internet.

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