Consequence Compares Kanye West’s Mixtapes To Bitcoin While Discussing "Jeen-Yuhs"

Consequence says that Netflix’s jeen-yuhs missed out on covering Kanye West’s early mixtape days when the legendary rapper honed his skills. West’s longtime collaborator discussed the documentary during a recent interview with AllHipHop.

“There’s always gonna be a narrative arc, where there’s a start, a beginning, a climax to build a story because television works on that, from that aspect,” he explained. “But I think there were certain turning points that I would have loved to see just a tad bit of. Obviously, when you see episode 1, you see also when Kanye’s playing ‘All Falls Down’ for Chaka Pilgrim and it seems as though there’s no real feedback. You can’t go from that to all the sudden, ‘Tada, I’m on MTV now.’ That’s a process, and a big part of that was the mixtapes that we began to do.”