Raptors Announcer Hilariously Mistakes Ron Burgundy For Ron Jeremy

Sports broadcasting is most certainly one of the more difficult professions out there when it comes to the journalism world. You have to provide live commentary that is both interesting and informative, all while keeping pace with a high-speed game. As you can imagine, this can oftentimes lead to mistakes, with some being a lot more hilarious than others.

A perfect example of this happened on Saturday nights the Toronto Raptors took on the Indiana Pacers. At one point, the team’s color commentator Jack Armstrong tried to make a reference to Ron Burgundy, but instead, said the name of disgraced former pornstar, Ron Jeremy.

Matt Devlin, who was doing play-by-play, found this to be incredibly amusing, and it led to some pretty hearty laughs that could not be contained. Fans who were watching the broadcast loved the exchange, and they…

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