"Insecure" Star Sarunas J. Jackson Claims Trey Songz Tried To Fight A Woman

When it rains, it pours, and Trey Songz is once again in the hot seat. The award-winning singer has been the subject of assault allegations from women for years, and recently, several more accusers have surfaced with lawsuits. Women have come forward with allegations of sexual assault, rape, and physical violence at the hands of Songz, and while that is being fought in the courts, Insecure star Sarunas J. Jackson is doubling down on his dislike of the singer.

Back in January, following the accusations from Dylan Gonzalez about an alleged assault by Songz, Jackson tweeted: “He is a b*tch!! F*ck that b*tch ass! Hope he gets what he deserves. Can’t stand his disrespectful b*tch ass. F*ck him.”