Activist Claims Young Thug's Baby Mama May Have Died In Gang "Hit"

On Friday last week, it was reported that the mother of Young Thug’s 14-year-old son – LaKevia Jackson – was shot and killed outside of a bowling alley. It was a senseless killing that was reportedly all over a bowling ball. Many were shocked by the reports, and as it turns out, Jackson was on the phone with her mother following the shooting, although eventually, she passed away while on the phone.

Many are looking for answers in regard to the shooting, and one community activist/journalist believes they might know what really happened. According to Georgia Chidi, this could all be over a gang dispute between “YNF” and “YSL.”

As Chidi explains, Jackson wasn’t even part of the argument inside of the bowling alley, and the circumstances around the shooting make it seem like Jackson was targeted specifically.

“Friends of hers that were present say she was not actively involved in the argument at all which leads me to wonder why she was killed because it looked like it was a targeted killing,” Chidi said. “I think someone was going after Young Thug in any way they can get to him.It’s not just gangsters getting killed. Anyone close to them are at risk.”

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