DL Hughley Speaks On How Mothers Can Affect A Child's Relationship With Their Father

DL Hughley has been making his rounds on social media as of late. In a recent interview with Vlad, the comedian discussed the affects of relationships on children. Specifically, how children only know about their fathers through the eyes of their mothers. Hughly acknowledged that a horrible partner can still be a great father. 

During the interview, Hughley recounted his own relationship with his father and his desire to have had control over creating that relationship. “I would’ve like to have an opportunity to come to those conclusions on my own…you should’ve left me with the information to make those decisions because now, I have a father that I have that I lost and another father that I never got to know,”he said. “Sometimes. the only thing we know about our fathers is what our mothers to tell us.” Hughly compared the perspective to that of a “mean girl” and explained that this leaves a lof of time and space for a child to wonder.