Benny The Butcher Believes Fans Glorify Rappers Too Much: "I'm Not Dr. King"

Fresh off of the release of Tana Talk 4,Benny The Butcher has been enjoying the reactions from his supporters. Just ahead of the album’s arrival, the Buffalo icon caught up with Ebro Darden where he spoke extensively about his career while also mentioning responses he often gets in his comments about his lyrical content. Benny shared that it isn’t his intention to glorify the street life but to speak about his experiences.

“I read the comments, ‘Why he always rap about that, why he always…’ I’m sayin’—and I like to pride myself for not glorifying the game, buy glorifying how far I came from out of it,” said Benny. “I got three felonies. I been to state prison, I been to federal prison. This is my life!”