Stevie J Seemingly Receives Oral Sex During Messy Video Interview

At this point, we’ve come to expect this exact type of outrageousness from Stevie J, who has made a career out of this sort of behavior on reality television. The Love & Hip Hop star, who is well-known for his work with Diddy over the years, recently went viral for a new video interview with Leah’s Lemonade, where he appears to ask for oral sex off-camera before slurping sounds can be overhead for the next few minutes of the interview.

The interview seemed doomed from the start as Stevie J laid in bed shirtless, flirting with the interviewer and saying, “You’re a beautiful Black woman. Look at you. I’m honest.”

Right after that, he told the interviewer that he was at Diddy’s private island before¬†telling somebody off-screen, “Keep s*cking me…

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