Kaalan Walker Sexual Assault Trial Begins, Faces 11 Accusers: Report

It has been years since it was first revealed that Kaalan Walker was facing accusations of sexual assault. As time progressed, there were reportedly 30 accusers who came forward with stories of the Superfly star allegedly preying on them, and this week, Rolling Stone reported his trial officially began. Prosecutors alleged that Walker used his verification badge, or “little blue checkmark” on social media, to seek out women with hopes of modeling careers. 

Walker is accused of rapes and sexual assaults that date back to 2013, making the 26-year-old just a teenager when prosecutors claim this all began. The actor has reportedly pleaded “not guilty to six counts of forcible rape — two of those related to minors — two counts of rape by an intoxicating substance, unlawful intercourse with a minor, sexual penetration by force,” and other charges. 

Kaalan Walker, Superfly
Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

The charges related to this trial reportedly stem from 11 alleged victims, aged 16 to 22. Prosecutors reportedly stated that these girls believed that he was “trustworthy” and when he offered them job opportunities, they were under the impression that it was “legitimate.” Once Walker got someone alone, said prosecutors, he became forceful.

“You’re going to be introduced to the real Kaalan Walker, the man behind the movies. you’re going to see a dark side to him — a side that each of these women saw,” Deputy District…

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