Air Jordan 1 High OG "Rebellionaire" Officially Unveiled: Photos

Air Jordan 1 High OG colorways are always plentiful in any given year. Jumpman knows that this is the shoe that everyone wants, and as a result, they are always looking to come through for their fans. This is especially true in 2022 as the brand is seeking to release some dope new models, with some of them containing a story. The Air Jordan 1 “Rebellionaire” is an example of this.

The marketing for the original “Bred” Air Jordan 1 had people believing that the shoe was actually banned. Therefore, with this new model, we have a yellow X on the back with the words “They Can’t Stop You From Wearing Them” all across the upper. The colors here are a mixture of black and grey. which gives the shoe are a neutral, yet unique feel to it. Overall, this is a model that hardcore collectors will probably appreciate.