Vince McMahon Reveals His Competitors Put A Price On His Head

Vince McMahon has lived many exciting lives. But unfortunately, the WWE Chairman has had his fair share of controversy in and out of the ring, has an on-and-off business with the XFL, and has been involved in some shady history around his companies. But the craziest tidbit on McMahon’s life may have been revealed just a few days ago. In an interview with the Pat McAfee Show, while McMahon discussed his wrestling rivals, he mentioned that he may have lost his life.

During the conversation, the icon stated that he learned of this crucial information from the legendary WWE commentator Jim Ross, who just so happened to know of these plans while in a bathroom stall. Allegedly McMahon had overstepped boundaries and entered into a space occupied by one of his rivals after transforming the WWE into a traveling show after purchasing the brand from his father. Feeling threatened by Vince’s moves, JR recalls that he heard one of the rivals state that they could “off” the mogul.