Ciara Struts To The "Sorry Not Sorry" Remix On IG After Latto Denies Dissing Her

Ciara has joined the chat. For the past few weeks, the debate sparked by Omeretta’s “Sorry Not Sorry” track has continued to float around social media, and now that the remix featuring Latto has arrived, we’ve got more to discuss.

If you’ve already listened to the New Music Friday arrival, you’ll know that the 23-year-old name drops the Migos, Ludacris, OutKast, and Ciara as stars who, although aren’t technically from Atlanta, helped make the city the budding music centre that it is today. Upon initially listening, some people perceived this as a diss, but Latto has since cleared that speculation up.

“Y’all I’m not dissing the people I named on the verse!!!!” the “Big Energy” hitmaker explained on Twitter. I’m saying so Migos is not Atlanta?? 21, Ciara, Ludacris, etc. because they technically not from the city but helped make it what [it is]!”

The “One, Two Step” singer has clearly heard the updated version of “Sorry Not Sorry,” as she took to her Instagram page to share a quick clip to her strutting along to the single, wearing a printed dress and harness combo that – paired with her tall black stilettos and smokey eye combo – make her look seriously fierce.