Diddy "Making The Band" Videos Resurface As Fans Accuse Him Of "Running Musical Prison Camps"

Some people get their big break in the entertainment industry as an executive assistant or intern, running around the city and picking up coffees for the entire office. At the height of his career, music mogul Diddy had hundreds of people doing just that for him as part of his Making the Band show on MTV.

With the show’s revival in the works with help from some of hip-hop and R&B’s biggest names, a few clips of Diddy’s original show have hit the internet as fans accuse the multi-millionaire of “running a musical prison camp” and mistreating his would-be signees on the series.

Charles Eshelman/Getty Images

One video from Making the Band 4 went viral on social media, showing two groups of singers aggressively singing at one another as Diddy watched on, interrupting as he pleases and making comments about who “wanted it” more. Many said that Diddy was being extra by having his artists battle on the show, keeping a cold stare on them as they showed off their voices. 

In another instance, Diddy actually made an entire group of contestants walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn to get him a slice of cheesecake. If you’ve been playing MyCareer in NBA2K22, a similar challenge was seemingly influenced by this as The Game makes an appearance, asking your character to pick up a cup of coffee for him across the city.

“Diddy was really running musical prison camps on Making the Band,” commented one person on…

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