Kanye West Sees Massive Jump In Spotify Numbers Amidst "Donda 2" and "Jeen-yuhs" Hype, Most Streamed Artist 2 Days In A Row

Kanye West has mastered the craft of manufacturing major moments in music. With the jeen-yuhs documentary and Donda 2 swirling around the audio/visual soundscape all at once, everyone’s eyes and ears are on Ye.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Act 1 of the jeen-yuhs documentary¬†focused closely on his incredibly early music career, prior to releasing his debut album The College Dropout. We were invited in to watch his journey, seeing him shopping the demo version of tracks that went on to become worldwide hits. A pivotal moment in the first installation was Kanye (as he was known at the time) playing “All Falls Down” in Roc-A-Fella Records‘ offices and being brushed aside. Seeing that sparked a newfound appreciation for the classic Kanye West cut, driving the streaming numbers for the song through the roof.