Big Sean Claims Viral Nude Photo Is Not His

As of late, Big Sean and his longtime partner and collaborator Jhené Aiko have been working on the second installment of their collaborative R&B duo TWENTY88 album. Their debut project under the name came in 2016, as fans loved the combination of Aiko’s lustful singing complemented with Sean’s sensual rapping.

But, as they have gotten their studio sessions underway for the album, Sean had a bit of a social media hiccup on Saturday (Feb. 26). On Twitter, a nude photo leaked that had apparently come from Big Sean’s private Instagram story. It seems as though he had allowed somebody to see that story that was not supposed to, and Twitter had a field day when they got ahold of the picture of Sean’s private part that he was comparing to a Nintendo Switch.

Some fans found it understandable for Jhené to be so in love with Sean, due to their approval of the nude.

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