Lil Uzi Vert Fan Crosses Stage At Graduation, Asks Uzi To Pay His Tuition Like He Promised

Back in 2019, a student at Temple University in Philadelphia, Lil Uzi Vert’s hometown, named Raheel Ahmad stopped Uzi at the mall one day to ask if he could pay his college tuition, to which he obliged. Ahmad told Uzi his overall tuition would be around $90,000 and he promised Uzi he would graduate if Uzi paid for his schooling.

Well, the time of reckoning has now come. Recently, Raheel Ahmad had his graduation ceremony from Temple as he earned his political science bachelor’s degree. Ahmad hopes to get into NFTs and, believe it or not, pursue policy change for college tuition reform.He has even launched his own NFT program at Temple called GradOwls to support his cause.

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While posting pictures of himself in this cap and gown with his diploma, Raheel pleaded with Uzi once more, that he fulfilled his commitment and it was Uzi’s turn to hold up his side of the deal: “@liluzivert I finally graduated bro, I told y’all I don’t bullsh*t. Can you now come thru? When Lil Uzi listened to my ask for help, it motivated me to try to create change beyond myself. Me helping others in a similar situation I’ve experienced, will be a great way to pay it forward, and change college students lives all…

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