Klay Thompson Explains What May Have Led To Achilles Injury

Klay Thompson is back with the Golden State Warriors and fans could not be any happier. The Warriors star had originally torn his ACL back in 2019 during the NBA Finals, and when he was finally able to return in 2020, he tore his Achilles. It was a terrible chain of events for the shooting guard, although now, he is back and he is looking to lead the Warriors to their fourth NBA title over the last decade.

Recently, Thompson sat down for an interview with The Athletic, and in the piece, Thompson spoke about his recovery from the ACL injury. As he explains, there is a real possibility that he tore his Achilles because he just came back too soon. Thompson wanted to go out there and show how strong he was, but in the end, it led to another injury. Regardless, Thompson would rather not harp on the past.