LeBron James Couldn't Contain Himself During Macy Gray's National Anthem

Last night was the NBA All-Star Game and for LeBron James, it was a nice little homecoming as the game took place in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. James is a hometown hero, and the fans were certainly excited to see him do his thing surrounded by some of the best players in the entire NBA. 

While LeBron did score the walk-off shot to win the game, there is no doubt that one of the highlights came before the game, when Macy Gray sang the National Anthem. As you can see in the video below, her rendition was certainly unorthodox, and it gave people flashbacks of Fergie from just a few years ago.

LeBron was certainly amused by the anthem, and in the clip below, it was becoming evident that he could barely hold in his laughter. LeBron tried hard not to laugh, and the entire internet eventually caught on to the hilarity of it all.