Former NBA Player Gerald Green Accused Of Abuse By Baby Mother

Since he was drafted out of high school in 2005, Gerald Green had been a mainstay in the NBA. As a journeyman athlete and evolved shooter later in his career, Green played for eight different NBA teams, and the Houston Rockets and Boston Celtics twice.

Currently, Gerald works in the player development department for the Rockets in his hometown Houston, and would seemingly live with his kids and the mother of his children Deja. But on Sunday (Feb. 20), Deja posted a series of paragraphs on her Instagram story that accused Gerald Green of being an absent father and abuser: “I’m sick and tired of the abuse. I’ve been accused, emotionally abused for the longest. Today it stops. He begged and pleaded for my son to call him dad. Then looks him in the face yesterday and tells him “hey I’m not your dad don’t call me dad anymore talk to your mom.” Every time he’s mad he kicks us out and takes my belongings. I left him in October for 2 months because I was sick of his crap! I come home to work out for my family and he turns around and does the same crap. The people around him condone it and don’t tell him when he’s wrong. I’m tired of the abuse.”