Saweetie Reacts To Critics Who Say New Single Sounds Like A Song In Forever 21

Ahead of the New Music Friday fray, Saweetie delivered a new single that arrived with assistance from Grammy-winning songbird H.E.R. The pair seemed like an unlikely duo for some, but Saweetie’s fans quickly took to social media to praise her¬†latest effort, “Closer.” The rapper has been on an unstoppable, meteoric climb within the last few years but that success has come with criticism. Saweetie has taken hits over her live performances and her releases, and it is speculated that those conversations have aided in why she has delayed the release of her debut album, Pretty B*tch Music.

With each hit, Saweetie usually returns with a playful response as she brushes off naysayers, and after someone made an observation about “Closer,” the Bay Area rapper did just that.