King Von And 21 Savage Have New Music Coming This Friday

King Von’s name still rings bells within a certain pocket of the hip hop industry, and those that tune in understand the significance behind his music. Oftentimes, street rappers have very loyal fanbases that revere the artist’s hustle and ambition, and for good reason. Von, who’s life was taken on November 6th, 2020, spoke on the hardships of growing up in the harsh environments of Chicago. He did so in extremely vivid detail, with his storytelling granting him admiration from a wide span of people that could relate to his struggles.

Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

21 Savage, in similar fashion, gained his stardom by speaking on his past experiences with incredible precision. Storytelling isn’t exclusive to intricate lyricism and wordplay, as Savage tends to be very stark and direct with his expression of the occurences in his life. His monotone, often one-note delivery actually strikes a chord among listeners, as his approach stands out greatly when compared to his peers. The subject matter both artists frequently delve into makes the pairing one worth anticipating.