Shaq Offers Reality Check To The Heat's Championship Chances

One of the biggest surprises of the NBA season so far has been the Miami Heat. For the last few weeks, they have been going back and forth with the Chicago Bulls for first place in the Eastern Conference, which is something that not many people expected. Sure, they went to the NBA Finals in 2020, but that was seen as more of a fluke that directly resulted from the NBA Bubble. Not to mention, the team’s results in the playoffs back in 2021 weren’t exactly anything to write home about at the time.

Shaquille O’Neal knows all about what it takes to win a title in Miami, and recently, he tried to pump the brakes on the Heat’s championship aspirations. While O’Neal thinks the team has been impressive, he simply doesn’t believe they have a good enough roster right now. However, Shaq does think it will happen soon.