LeBron James Leaves Gunna Hanging After Dapping Up Lil Baby

LeBron James absolutely dominated for the Los Angeles Lakers last night, scoring thirty-five points in a loss against the Memphis Grizzlies. Everybody in the crowd was in awe over Ja Morant’s sensational chase-down block and LeBron’s performance and following the game, James spent some time with fans before heading back to the locker room. He went over to Lil Baby and Gunna, who attended the game and sat courtside, to dap up Lil Baby but he left immediately after, seemingly not noticing that Gunna was also with the rapper.

The moment was captured on video, showing LeBron excitedly giving Lil Baby a handshake with a big smile on his face. He walked away afterward, not giving Gunna the same treatment. One would think that being such a hip-hop lover, Bron has probably been listening to several of the songs on Gunna’s new DS4EVER album. He seemingly never noticed Young Wunna on the sidelines though, despite him being right next to Baby.