Tom Brady Divulges On The Antonio Brown Debacle

Antonio Brown shocked the NFL world this weekend after his bizarre outburst that saw him strip out of his gear before running out of the stadium. It has since been reported that Brown will be released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, however, an official release has yet to take place. As for the reasoning behind this outburst, some have stated that Brown was simply too injured to play and that he was angered by the team’s insistence that he get on the field for a few plays. 

Following the fiasco, Bucs quarterback Tom Brady took to his “Let’s Go” podcast where he spoke at length about the situation and how he feels about it all. As he explains, football players are humans too, and sometimes, fans forget that. When it comes to AB, Brady believes he could use some help, and that we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that mental health should always come first.