Baby Blue Sues Bowling Alley Where He Was Shot: Report

It has been quite an interesting year for Baby Blue. The Pretty Ricky singer had a few serious run-ins this year, both as a shooting victim and as a person accused by federal authorities of scamming the government through a falsified Paycheck Protection Program loan. Of the latter, Blue reportedly took a plea and was sentenced to 20 months in prison. As far as the shooting is concerned, a new report by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel stated that Blue is suing the location where it occurred.

Back in April, we reported on the frightening news that Baby Blue had been shot. Now, more details about the incident have been shared with the public.

According to the Sun-Sentinel, the incident took place in the parking lot of the SpareZ bowling alley. In a civil suit against the venue, Blue claims that they “did not [provide] adequate security that could have thwarted the shooting.” Police stated that Blue went to the bowling alley because he was meeting up with his family. He’d allegedly only been there 20 minutes when the shooting occurred.

Blue was reportedly standing outside with his cousin when “two men with hoodies pulled tightly around their heads and facial coverings approached Smith.”

“Don’t say nothing. Take it off,” one of the men said of Smith’s gold chain and Jesus charm. The man attempted to yank the chain from Smith’s neck when the gun went off striking Smith in the left shoulder. Both men attempted to take the…

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