CJ McCollum Gets Fantastic News Amid Collapsed Lung Recovery

CJ McCollum of the Portland Trail Blazers suffered a scary injury at the beginning of the month as he was diagnosed with a collapsed right lung. The injury was sustained after breaking a rib, and while the injury sounds terrible, it is actually quite manageable, as long as you treat it quickly. Luckily, McCollum was given some great care, and over the past few weeks, he has been a fixture on the Blazers’ sideline as they look to snap out of their early season woes.

Coming back from a rib and lung injury can be a lengthy process, and the Blazers have been taking things slow with McCollum. There is no point rushing anyone back right now, especially when you consider how COVID has ravaged the league. Regardless, the Blazers are now getting some good news in regards to CJ.