Latto Has A Panic Attack After Getting Blue Lambo & Pink Richard Mille For Her Birthday

A Sagittarius-Capricorn cusp baby, Latto is celebrating her twenty-third birthday today (December 22). The Atlanta-based rapper spent the night partying with some of her closest friends before opening up some amazing gifts. The moment was a little too much for Latto though, who needed to take a few minutes to regain her composure after having a panic attack upon opening up the expensive presents. 

With Christmas coming in just a few days, Latto may not have expected to receive an abundance of gifts for her birthday. It’s a problem that all December-born babies face, needing to convince their friends and family that birthday gifts are still very much welcomed, despite the holidays being in full swing. Latto was shocked by the amount of love she got for her birthday, taking home a brand new car, some beautiful jewelry, and more.