Rick Ross Told Interview Hosts He Was Going To The Bathroom & Left Instead: Watch

Rick Ross has been keeping busy following the release of his latest record, Richer Than I’ve Ever Been. One of his many press stops took place on the 85 South Comedy Show, where he sat down with DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean to discuss the project, among other things.

While the video uploaded to YouTube spans a total of two hours, viewers on social media have been fixating on the part of the clip where Biggest Boss Rick Ross announces he needs a bathroom break and to take his jacket off before he can continue. “Man, you can’t take your foot off of it for nothin’” he can be heard saying to one of the hosts as he stands up.

Seconds later, the visual cuts to the show’s cast members sitting on the couch waiting as they’re informed that their interview subject has left the building. “Like, he in the van?” one of them inquired. “He’s in the van? Oh, he already done pulled off?” he confirmed with a shocked expression as the news was relayed to him.

“He had to go to the airport, his management, they had to take him out of here,” a female voice can be heard saying off-camera. The men remaining on set then began to ponder why Rozay didn’t at least take a minute to inform them of his departure before ending their chat so abruptly.

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