NBA Youngboy Disses Adin Ross In New Song Snippet

Adin Ross asserted himself into rap conversations this year, but this also came with a handful of beef. Though he’s already had spats with fellow streamers, he ended up in a spat with Foolio after singing along to “Who Want Smoke.” The two later squashed their feud on Adin’s live stream but it appears that he’s now found himself caught up in a feud with NBA Youngboy.

The Baton Rouge rapper shared a snippet of a new song yesterday on social media that began to catch serious traction but it wasn’t necessarily because of how good it sounded. Fans quickly noticed that YB may have slid in some subliminal shots towards Ross following the streamer’s Live with Jania Meshell, the mother of YB’s child.

 Paras Griffin/Getty Images

“Tell that YouTuber or streamer, whatever he is/ Stop playin’ with me, bitch/ You ain’t man like that, know them gunnas layin’ with me, bitch/ I ain’t got no Instagram, no social media, I wasn’t talkin’ to yo bitch/ Ugly ass, y’all disgustin’, you n***as make me sick,” he raps on the record.

Adin Ross previously accused NBA Youngboy of liking his girlfriend’s picture from his burner account during a live stream. Interestingly enough, Ross said in early 2021 that YB’s management was going to get the rapper on Adin’s livestream.

After YB’s snippet, Adin Ross took to Twitter where he said “it’s time to sue.”

“Ah hell nah. Just woke up and youngboy fr dissed me … talking about gunnas laying with me , which is a gun. Well, I guess it’s time to sue,” wrote Ross before clarifying that he was joking about 20 minutes later.

“I’m obviously trolling with the sue shit. If you watch my streams you’d know that, this ain’t beef so stop dragging it. I am not on any gang shit I do not have 40s. Gunnas. Any sort of type of weapon machinery. I am a young handsome streamer who sits at home all day,” he…

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