Rod Wave Explains His Song "Nirvana" & Says He's Not Suicidal

Rod Wave says that his new song, “Nirvana,” which features lyrics about ending his own life and battling depression, is not a suicide letter. Fans worried about Rod’s mental health after he uploaded the track and deactivated his social media pages.

The concerning lyrics featured on “Nirvana” include: “If you’re hearing this it’s too late / I’ve been writin’ this since Tuesday, today Friday that mean tomorrow’s doomsday / Tried to fight the pain but it ate me alive / Sad to say I lost a battle, against my mind / You should be happy for me homie no more sufferin’ / We all got a day I guess we’ll see each other then / I hope that heaven’s real and one day we can reunite / And don’t be crying for me I lived a wonderful life.”