Nicki Minaj Goes Nude In Birthday Celebration Photos

Nothing says “Happy Birthday to Me” like stripping off a few layers and posing for the ‘Gram. Nicki Minaj’s fans celebrate her very existence at every chance, but when her birthday comes around each year, they make sure all of our timelines are flooded with congratulatory messages. Minaj thanks her Barbz for their time and attention and this year, the Rap icon decided to break the internet on her big day.

There have been moments in pop culture that have given the internet pause as some of the world’s most famous artists appear in racy images. This time, Nicki stripped down to nearly nothing and fired off photos over on Instagram.

“My fans said I never come online on my bday. I made it my business today to change that this year. Love you guys so much,” the 39-year-old penned in the caption to a post highlighting messages from fans. She added a note written to her to help celebrate.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE QUEEN! here are birthday messages from 700+ barbz.

Thank you for caring for us and always seeking the best interest for your fans. You have been such an inspiration to many, your encouraging words and music has helped so many barbz around the world get through their days and difficult situations. We will always love and support you…

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