Rebel Wilson Says Her Team Questioned Weight Loss, Wanted Her To Remain “The Funny Fat Girl”

When the pandemic hit, 41-year-old Rebel Wilson was one of the many people who decided it was time for a lifestyle change. The actress shared in a recent interview that she didn’t necessarily predict COVID-19, but something inside told her that she might have some more free time in 2020, making it the perfect year to implement some healthier habits.

Chatting with BBC News, she opened up about her journey. “Turning 40, I felt like I was going to concentrate on my health, and I was dealing with fertility stuff. The doctors told me that if I was healthier I’d have better chances, and that all kind of culminated into the moment it hit 2020 when I was like ‘this will be my year of health.’”

The Australian shared that she decided to publicly post about her journey on Instagram to keep her accountable to making a lasting change in her life, admitting that it felt like a “risky” decision. She then went on to discuss how her management…

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