Dave Chappelle's High School Moves Forward With Renaming Its Theater After Him

Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix comedy special, The Closer, has brought many prevalent issues to the forefront of popular culture since its release, including racism, transphobia, and the dangers of PC and cancel culture. His jokes about the trans community as well as the LGTBQ community as a whole have especially caused division amongst viewers and critics, and a fundraiser at his old high school was subsequently canceled following a threatened walkout by its current students. Dave Chappelle eventually visited the Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, D.C. to hear out the students’ grievances, and shortly thereafter, it was reported that the Q&A session didn’t go too well.

According to Complex, Duke Ellington has officially decided that it will proceed with renaming its theater in Dave Chappelle’s honor, despite the backlash from some of its students. Its decision comes days after Chappelle encouraged his critics and supporters to let their money speak for them through donations to the school.

“If you object to my receiving this honor, I urge you to donate to the school, noting your object,” Chappelle stated in an Instagram post last week. “If you are in favor of the theater being named ‘Chappelle,’ I urge you to donate to the school, noting your approval. Whichever opinion donates the highest collective dollar amount, wins.”

Check out the Chappelle’s Show creator’s full statement below.