Omarion Starts Trending On Twitter After COVID Variant Confusion

Omarion has only released one song in 2021, that being “Ex” with 2000s legends Bow Wow and Soulja Boy in early October. However, he now finds his name everywhere today, for a completely unexpected reason.

This week, the United States and the CDC have put out warnings about a new COVID-19 variant named Omicron. As they have done with all the other variants, they gave it a name in the Green alphabet. Omicron first appeared in South Africa, and soon made its way to the United Kingdom and recently Canada.

As many of us Americans are not totally familiar with the Greek alphabet, people on Twitter mistook the name for Omarion, the iconic and beloved R&B singer. So, even though new dangerous COVID-19 strains are no laughing matter, people began poking fun at Omarion, and he soon started trending on Twitter.

There were tweets that utilized Omarion’s funny dancing in his notable concert performance that had already been meme’d, as well as old music videos.