Freeway Asks Beanie Sigel If Kanye West "Cut The Check" Yet

It was almost a month ago when Kanye West went on the Drink Champs podcast where he dropped loads of information on everything from his beef with Drake, his beef with Talib Kweli, and his latest album, DONDA. Ye also revealed the origin of the name Yeezy, which he explained derived from a nickname that Beanie Sigel coined. After that, he explained how he actually owed Beanie some money.

Pete Mitchell/WireImage/Getty Images

Many have wondered whether Kanye ever coughed up the loot, even though Beanie said he Ye didn’t owe him anything. Freeway, however, inquired about the apparent $50M and 5% share that Kanye promised Beans once upon a time. Freeway shared a photo of himself and Beanie Sigel in Houston this past weekend on Instagram where they were flexing with wads of cash and joking about the money owed.