HoneyKomb Brazy Fears For His Life In Alabama Prison

Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy has had a horrendous year thus far following the death of his grandparents. After somebody shot at their home in a separate incident earlier this year, the¬†rapper’s grandmother and grandfather were both killed when their house was set on fire in February. A few months later, Brazy’s mother took to social media to claim that her home kept being shot up after her parents’ murder. His trying year got even worse this summer when it was revealed that Brazy violated his probation, which prompted the judge to send him back to prison for the remainder of his sentence, which is an additional thirteen years.

Brazy is currently at Limestone Correctional Facility in Alabama and the rapper spoke out on Wednesday to tell his fans that he’s fearful for his life and believes that he might get killed while behind bars.